Hi all.  Well after a brief hiatus I’ve returned from my blogging sabbatical with a newfound respect for rest and relaxation. That being said, I am a bit excited about my not so ambivalent change to WordPress (word! ;D). I blame Bobby Grow for his “evil” influence he’s had on my decision to switch from Blogger, (j/k Bobby :o).  I  consider my blog in its transitional stage with plenty of updating yet to be done, so please be patient with the “slothful scribe”. I plan on putting together a doctrinal statement and have yet to fully figure out the cool WP widget thing-a-magiggers (sp?).

 As an F.Y.I. , I would like to tell y’all ( wow, very southern-esque!) that my family and I will be leaving for the Labor Day weekend so I will not be online for yet another weekend (Susan, I’ll get to your tag when I get back, k?). I look forward to blogging with y’all again. May the Lord bless and strengthen you throughout this weekend, and may He grant traveling mercies to you who will be traveling to your various locales.

In Christ-The Sovereign Holy One,


6 Responses to “Bienvenidos!!”
  1. Mark Pierson says:

    Scribe done got a new home! Wow!

  2. Scribe says:

    Yeah, and the APR on the 15 year fixed mortgage wasn’t bad either!!

  3. bobby grow says:

    Sorry Scribe 😉 . . . you know what Paul says, “bad company corrupts good habits” (my paraphrase). Glad to see you back, and with a WordPress at that.

  4. Susan says:

    Welcome back, Scribbles!
    No prob’ re: the timing of the meme, if you choose to do it at all.
    Hope your Labor Day weekend was… laborless …
    and fruitful.

  5. Scribe says:

    Gayla! Good to see you visit my new home…we are still awaiting the new furniture… 😉


    Yes, your “evil” influence has been a driving force for the switch to WP…I can say without reservation that i like WP’s templates much more. have a blessed one in Christ brother!.

    “Suzie Q” (LoL) thanks for the tag, and yes I will be getting to it. As per the Meza family excursion; it was of a great spiritual benefit…I can honestly say we went to chapel 6 times this weekend and was forced to reexamine my walk with the Lord, which is always a good thing, amen?

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