Emptiness of the Average Church Service by A.W.Tozer


t will be seen how empty and meaningless is the average church service today.  All the means are in evidence; the one ominous weakness is the absence of the Spirit’s power. The form of godliness is there, and often the form is perfected till it is an aesthetic triumph. Music and poetry, art and oratory, symbolic vesture and solemn tones combine to charm the mind of the worshipper, but too often the supernatural afflatus is not there. The power from on high is neither known nor desired by pastor or people. This is nothing less than tragic, and all the more so because it falls within the field of religion where the eternal destinies of the men are involved. (The Divine Conquest, p. 90)

5 Responses to “Emptiness of the Average Church Service by A.W.Tozer”
  1. Cristina says:

    A lot of christians are starving in churches today, that’s why a lot of members are seeking else where to get some meat, istead of scraps.

  2. Mark Pierson says:

    The Power from on High. The Holy Spirit; that One Who glorifies Christ; that One Who changes lives; that One Who is the resident Commander; that One Who leaves a scent of Christ, through the church, to the world.

  3. Angela says:

    This perfectly describes our church to a “T”!

    Angela 🙂

    PS I am going to borrow this and link it!

  4. scribe7580 says:

    Baptist Girl,

    I agree… ;D


    Amen! I like the way you worded your comment, perhaps I’ll use it in the future…don’t worry, I’ll cite you as the source. 😀


    It’s sad to hear that your church is in such poor spiritual shape…

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

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