Expanding the “Comrarderie”

I am most elated to add “St. Loder” to my already lengthy blogroll. It was through his ministry (and saintly fellowship) that I became acclimated with the Doctrines of Grace, and a litany of theological heavyweights of the past, namely the Puritans. After much deliberation (I suppose) he has finally decided to post his devotionals in a blogging format. My only admonitory note would be to add that he is in no way, shape, form, or fashion interested in debating. And I quote:

This writer does not seek to enter into debate with his readers. He has learned that an atmosphere of debate will not “win people” to anything. Paul warned his Corinthian readers that “knowledge puffeth up” and it is this puffing up that breeds debate. To “contend” does not mean to debate. Many debators are concerned with winning the debate rather than winning others to the truth. Winning debates is not a purpose of the sanctuary.
The writer prays that God will be pleased to condescend and bless this ministry and those who read it and pray for its contents.

Buried in Christ,
St. Loder

I pray that you would visit his sight and that his gleaning through scripture would bless your soul…see you there… http://thelittlesanctuary.blogspot.com/


5 Responses to “Expanding the “Comrarderie””
  1. Rhett Kelley says:


    I’m to the point where I wholeheartedly agree with him about blogosphere debates…



  2. Angela says:

    Do you mean “aquainted” vs “acclimated” ???

    Just a friendly thought…

    In Christ,

    Angela 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    Do you mean “aquainted” vs “acclimated” ???

    Just a friendly thought…

    In Christ,

    Angela 🙂

  4. scribe7580 says:


    Me too…they profit nothing in the end.


    I’m not sure I follow you…you grammarians!! LOL! 😉

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