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 bornagain2.jpgI know, I know…I’ve been a virtually non-existent spectre within blogdom, and I’ve noticed that my readership has dropped off dramatically. Ah well…I’ve been occasionally reading St. Loder’s posts and have been blessed. I would like to post his latest post on conversion in its entirety, and hopefully the reader(s) will be blessed…

 Thrice-Fold Conversions Psalm 51:13b

“… [S]inners shall be converted unto [T]hee.”God is interested in the full conversion of sinners, and not in their partial conversion. The writer hopes to assist his readers in understanding this truth. He believes this study will clear up many difficulties, however it will not appeal to the growth-minded “soul-winners” or their number-loving pastors.
Let a question now be asked. If, through the “constant dripping” of a spouse or the constant visits of a pastor, a person begins attending church on Sunday instead of spending Sunday in their normal manner… has this person been converted? One may say “no”, but this writer would disagree with that answer. The newly church-attending person has in fact been converted…bodily, but not eternally.
What if a person readily admits that “Jesus” was a good man, but not the Son of God- yet through discussion comes to acknowledge that “Jesus” is the Christ and the Son of God? Is that person converted? Yes, he has been intellectually converted, but not eternally.
What about the “hero-worshipping” types? They come to see the works, miracles, and love of Christ, and confess a deep respect for Him. Is this person converted? Yes, they have been converted in their affections for Christ, but not eternally.
The obvious (or maybe not so obvious) problem with the above conversions is that they never endure. A truly Holy Spirit converted person is converted fully and forever. They have been converted in the intellect, in the affections, and in their bodies or actions. Have you, my reader, been converted? How about “your converts”? Do you care about the veracity of their conversion, or are you more concerned with the number of your converts?
Go to the Scriptures now and read Hebrews 6:4-6 with the above in mind.
Both writer and reader have seen many people come and go. The question may be asked, “Why have they departed? What has happened to so and so? They started out so well, but now they are gone. Why?” Now you know.
The 1/3 conversion is not a true conversion; nor is the 2/3 conversion true. The only true conversion is a 3/3 conversion, or stated differently – the only true conversion is that of the whole person; and only the sovereign God, Himself, can do that. With God it is either all or nothing.
Buried in Christ,
St. Loder

7 Responses to “Filler Post”
  1. Angela says:

    I like the new look!


    Angela 😉

  2. scribe7580 says:


  3. Mark Pierson says:

    Any way this post could find its way to BC blog?

    Today I’ve asked Cristina and JD to post as well. Please squeeze this one in too.


  4. scribe7580 says:

    Sure…no problem Mark!!!

  5. Gayla says:

    Once again you’ve done a blog makeover. Looks very nice, Scribey. 🙂

  6. Rose~ says:

    I do like this look. God bless.

  7. Angela says:

    Oh where oh where are you scribe?


    angela 🙂

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