The Hypocrite’s Desire


 “Let me die the death of the righteous!”
Numbers 23:10

This was Balaam’s desire. The hypocrite, when he
is about to die and can keep his sins no longer—
now he desires a passport to carry him to heaven!
Such desires as these are found among the damned.

Hypocrites have desires—but no endeavors.
They would like to go to heaven—but they
will take no pains. But true desire is always
quickened into endeavor.

The hypocrite would have . . .
heaven—and his sins too,
heaven—and his pride too,
heaven—and his covetousness too.
“They have gone astray and have followed
the path of Balaam—who loved the wages
of unrighteousness.” 2 Peter 2:15

The true Christian says, “Give me Christ on any
terms. Let God propound whatever articles He
will—I will subscribe to them. Would He have me
deny myself? Would He have me mortify sin? I
am content to do anything—just so that I may
have Christ!” Hypocrites would have Christ—but
they will not part with their beloved lust for Him!

The hypocrite does not desire grace for itself.
He desires grace—only as a bridge to lead him
over to heaven. He does not so much search
after grace—as glory. He does not so much
desire the way of righteousness—as the crown
of righteousness. His desire is not to be made
like Christ—but to reign with Christ. This is the
hypocrite’s desire

But a child of God desires grace for itself, and
Christ for Himself. To a believer, not only is
heaven precious—but Christ is precious, “Yes, He
is very precious to you who believe!” 1 Peter 2:7

-Thomas Watson

6 Responses to “The Hypocrite’s Desire”
  1. Gayla says:

    Hi Scribey~

    You know….I truly have not forgotten about the North & South thing. But as you may remember, Roger lost his job twice last year, then his dad died right at Thanksgiving. And…well…my mind was torn in many directions. I’m still hoping to get that little thing accomplished. 🙂 (b/c you have to see it!) Bear with me, brother.

  2. ShilohGuy says:

    Dear Scribester,

    They can say what they want about the Puritans but there is one thing that cannot be denied…the said it clearly and with conviction without compromise!

  3. Scribe says:

    Gayla!!!! I thought you has abandoned me ;)…

    Don’t worry about the North and south series, I do understand the hardships that you guys have undergone…I’m just glad you’ve visited my blog.

    [[goes in “bear” mode) 😉


    [[jaw drops in shock]]

    How have you been my brother? Good to hear from ya! And yes…I definetely agree with your statement about the Puritans…wordsmiths indeed! Blesssings in Christ.

  4. Gayla says:

    Scribey, would you do me a favor, please? Take my last name out of your comment. Please, sir. I just try not to have it posted all over the web, if I can help it. Thankie!

    (I edited out my last name in the comment you left me on my blog)

  5. Scribe says:

    Done! 😉

  6. Gayla says:

    Thanks, Sam!! 🙂

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