The Cultic Clarkian Calvinist?

Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.Is Christ divided? was Paul crucified for you? or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?… (I Corinthaians 12,13)

There are some interesting characters to be found on the YouTube medium, but every now and then I find some folks that ride under the Calvinistic banner that are, shall we say, a bit embarrassing. I, too, am a 5-point calvinist but when I ran across this fellow “calvinist” who goes by the YouTube moniker “RedBeetle”  I was taken a back, specifically regarding his  views on other christians who are non-calvinistic. I take particular issue with his pejorative assessment on John Piper predicated upon a notion that Piper holds to an “arminian view of the atonement”. He goes as far as calling Piper “heretical”,  “false teacher” in need of repentance, Note the following comments from his YT page regarding Piper:


Piper made his heretical remarks at the 2004 Reformation Conference.Calvinist John W. Robbins exposed John Piper’s heretical teaching on justification in his 2002 essay titled, “Pied Piper”

Piper never repented from teaching justification by faith and works, and here in this 2004 clip one can hear him openly teaching the heresies known as the 3 Points Of Common Grace. For a comprehensive essay on the 3 Points Of Common Grace

My point in bringing up Beetle’s assessment of Piper (whether true or not is contingent upon what was said in the sermon in question) has more to do with the apparently ridiculous implication that non-calvinists are propagators and peddlers of heresy which they must repent of. I wish these guys (yes there are other like him) would uncover a different appellation to append to their theological subscriptions thereby freeing us “regular” calvinists from the negative connotations they bring to an already slandered (and often misunderstood) theological position…

15 Responses to “The Cultic Clarkian Calvinist?”
  1. Mike says:

    Check out Reformed Lou on You Tube he did a great break down of this video in a three part retort.

  2. Scribe says:

    Thanks Mike…I’ll check out Reformed Lou’s rebuttal to RedBeetle’s libel contra Piper…I thought I smelled a rat.

  3. rey says:

    Excellent! A Calvinist not afraid to call out his fellow idiot devil worshiping fatalists by showing that they contradict themselves! Go RedBeetle go!

    • I loved your comment in defense of Monty (RedBeetle). Monty is a stalwart of the faith. He is THE most well read man I have ever had the privilege of sitting under as a pupil. Monty ALWAYS points us back to the Bible – ALWAYS! I have not EVER been able to refute him in anything he has taught. He is a Godly man who manages his family well. He gives as much of his free time to those who will learn from him as he can

      You are right, when you say that the likes of ReformedLou (I see his video has been removed by “the user” – I wonder why)himself. His version of Calvinism is a watered down mish mash of contradictory doctrines, as are the teachings of his friends on YouTube. He doesn’t have the strength, wisdom, or the grace that Monty has, and you are right, they are all devil worshipping, self proclaimed fatalistic “Calvinists” who don’t know the Gospel and make their followers twice deserving of hell as they are. They are utterly unteachable, haughty and proud and they delight in pulling the TRUE men of God down into the pit with them.

  4. Scribe says:


    Could you clarify your statement for me, I am bit unclear as to its intended intonation?

    • Sam,

      Please ignore Rey, he is to non-Calvinistic Evangelicism what Redbeetle is to Calvinism: a fringe fanatic. When I told Rey he was wrong in his accusation that all Calvinists were Satanists, he told me I would be damned for defending you ‘hell-spawn.’

  5. ethan says:

    Im not familiar with this Piper sermon,so im not sure if Redbeetle is correct or not. But,if said teaching is in error does that make it heretical just by being false? Or can we disregard false teaching if it comes from a otherwise solid Bible teacher?

  6. Scribe says:


    Thanks for stopping by!

    The underlying issue appears to be RedBeetle’s theological predisposition to a Clarkian brand of Calvinism (which may not be indicative of all of Clark’s followers) that subjectively relegates other schools of theology (particularly Arminianism) as false hence heretical. I clearly view this as irrational and theologically bigoted…

    • ethan says:

      I see what your saying. But if a teaching is in fact false,does that not also mean it is heretical? Unless a heretic is specific to mean that the person is unregenerate. Then is guess a false teaching would not be heresy. Everyone errs. Thank-you for your time. P.S. I watched the 3 video’s and it is obvious Monty is wrong,or even worse.

  7. Scribe says:

    Reformed Lou on YT (link in first comment) created a solid refutation of Beetle’s bogus charge.

  8. Craig says:

    Someone please tell me, which Institute of Christianity teaches men to burn men at the stake?

    Particularly, the mean spirited effect, as Calvin fancied, using green wood.

    Thanks a bunch, chumps :O)

  9. Scribe says:

    Calvin did not have Servatus burned at the stake…JamesWhite has a lucid account about what really occurred…

  10. Delilah Del Prior says:

    Sorry guys, I believe that John Piper is doctrinally correct, and in the context of the video, i agree with him. The doctrine of Grace, Christ’s finished work on the cross for His chosen, beloved bride, His church…God pursues us. We do not pursue Him. We were in a hell bound race indifferent to the cost, He looked upon our helpless state and LED us to the cross, and we behold God’s love displayed….Lot’s more to say on this…googling this guy now, No Arminians DO NOT go to hell, they r not heretics, I agree this is fanaticism, and yes quite embarrassing to us that hold to reformed theology.


  11. Donald says:

    I have run across RedBettle. He is overly self-assured and likes to do hit pieces on other Christians and disables replies. If you send him a message he will not refute your points, but abuse you and send you another video that is suppose to straighten you out. And then he blocks you so you can’t respond again. He called me a chump.

    I’m not a fan of RC Jr (not anymore anyway) but I know he’s not a proponent of the Federalist Vision and he does not believe in justification by faith and works.

    Thomas Watson said, “Faith alone justifies, but justifying faith is not alone. Good works though they are not the causes of salvation, yet they are the evidences. Faith must not be built upon works, but works must be built upon faith”. I don’t think RC Jr is saying anything different.

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