Revival on American Idol!?

While perusing through Dr. James White’s vlogs of the Jalal Abualrub debate, I inadvertently ran across a You Tube clip of American Idol’s rendition of “Shout to the Lord”. I don’t really watch (or care for) American Idol but was made privy to this performance by visiting Anglela Grow’s blog (To Live is Christ). In … Continue reading

A Song Ensconced in Scripture (follow up to previous post)

I can’t begin to explain the frustration I undergo when perusing through the music section of my local “Christian” store in search of quality Christian music-it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I’ve listened to snippets of some of these albums (which only confirms my apprehension of the obvious) and God is scarce in … Continue reading

A Man Shaped Hole in God’s Heart?

I ran across an article on Christian Worldview Network the other day written by Way of the Master’s Todd Friel. In it he points out the amatory phrasing that seems to be prevalent in  Phillips, Craig and Dean’s banal song “No Matter How Long”. Here’s The article in its entirety. Disclaimer: The blog owner claims … Continue reading