Goings on…

  For those of you familiar with my blogging constituency you will recognize the man above as none other than Rhett Kelly from my Reformed Mafia clique (La costra nostra reformada!) and in keeping with the Blogger apostasy(which  Bobby Grow is chief ;)), has defected to the “darkside” by setting up his own blog with  WordPress! In all … Continue reading

Expanding the “Comrarderie”

I am most elated to add “St. Loder” to my already lengthy blogroll. It was through his ministry (and saintly fellowship) that I became acclimated with the Doctrines of Grace, and a litany of theological heavyweights of the past, namely the Puritans. After much deliberation (I suppose) he has finally decided to post his devotionals … Continue reading

Prayer Request

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord, in His sovereign grace, has allotted me an opportunity to preach. Though I fear public speaking more than anything, I thought it unwise to decline. If the Lord should so move  your heart, I request for prayer and intercession  to be made on my behalf so that I … Continue reading