Ponder the Path of Thy Feet….

  The late Leonard Ravenhill speaks to the “agony” a saint should have for the work of God. This was highly convicting as it exposed my own apathy toward that which brings the Lord glory…few men speak with this level of conviction. I pray that God would send more men of this spiritual caliber to … Continue reading

La Familia in Vegas

Apparently the wife and I could not resist using free air plane vouchers procured from last year’s flight fiasco from Las Vegas. In an effort to redeem these vouchers before the cut off date, we traversed back to “Sin City” for the weekend-and as usual no scenic pics to report of, sorry but I did come up with these: … Continue reading

Revival on American Idol!?

While perusing through Dr. James White’s vlogs of the Jalal Abualrub debate, I inadvertently ran across a You Tube clip of American Idol’s rendition of “Shout to the Lord”. I don’t really watch (or care for) American Idol but was made privy to this performance by visiting Anglela Grow’s blog (To Live is Christ). In … Continue reading

The Passing of my Mother

My mother passed away on February 22,2008. She died at the age of 51years old of a severe aneurysm/cerebral hemorrhaging. She was admitted to the ER Weds. night (Feb. 20) but slipped into a coma before undergoing brain surgery. She passed away two days later as her health quickly deteriorated and was pronounced dead on the … Continue reading

The Hypocrite’s Desire

 “Let me die the death of the righteous!” Numbers 23:10 This was Balaam’s desire. The hypocrite, when he is about to die and can keep his sins no longer— now he desires a passport to carry him to heaven! Such desires as these are found among the damned. Hypocrites have desires—but no endeavors. They would … Continue reading